new design finally has a new design. It has taken engineers weeks to create a new and highly sophisticated website for

Few people realize just how much strain the website and its servers come under whenever there is a surge of student activity. At any one time, there may be hundreds of students trying to make orders, and this takes its toll on the website and its servers.

The new design and upgrade has two major benefits. The first is that the website is now able to handle massive surges in activity without it affecting the speed of the website. The second benefit is the security upgrade. Not only is your order protected once you make it, but you are also protected when you first visit the website. There is no way another person will ever find out you used the unless they are staring over your shoulder and looking at your PC/laptop screen as you make the order.

The new website at has a slew of different benefits, so hop over there today and check out all the new possibilities. In addition to the new website design and upgrade, they are also offering a $20 discount off your first order. There has never been a better and more secure time to visit the and make an order.

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