Essayontime: editing and proofreading services

Writing your essay is difficult enough, but your professor expects your ideas, your points, and your knowledge to be arranged in a fashion that academics have spent years perfecting. You may have the most talented academic mind in the country, but you have not been trained for years in the science of editing. If you want the true quality of your work to shine through, then you need a top-quality editor to check over and edit your work for you.

EssayOnTime offer an editing service as an extra arm of their writing service. They already have a team of editors who check over the work of their qualified writers, so it was a natural step to allow their team of editors to sell their editing services to students.

The cost per page is very reasonable, and it is made fairer by the discounts that EssayOnTime offer to students. For example, if you have 15-50 pages checked, then you get 5% off. If you have 51-100 pages checked, then you get 10% off. If you have 101 or more pages checked, then you get a massive 15% off.

Getting your work to your professor on time is difficult enough, and setting deadlines for yourself is tough. Many students budget very little time for editing their essay. Many students dramatically underestimate how long it takes to edit their work, especially if they have made the smart move of going over the desired word count. It is always better to go over the word count rather than going under it and trying to fluff your work up to the desired word count.

The great thing is that you may set the deadline for your editing services. For example, if you finished your work the night before the essay is due and now it needs editing, you may make an order with EssayOnTime and have them edit your work in a matter of hours so that you may still hit your college deadline.



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