The bestessays team is great at getting the right project to the correct bestessayswriter. They offer a reasonably good price for a fantastic and high quality service, they have a very professional support team, and many of their writers are ex-professors.

The writing team will happily format your work as per your request; they offer free title pages, free bibliographies, and much more. There are no hidden fees and their service is confidential. They even run a secure in-house network to ensure no outside forces or hackers are able to gain access to their systems. Their increased security is yet another sign that they are fully committed to the private and confidential nature of their writing business.


They have a range of services that have seemingly evolved over the years to suit the newer qualifications that students are able to get in college, and to suit the technological changes that have occurred over the last twenty years. For example, they not only complete essays, dissertations, research papers and so on, they now do multimedia projects, online assignments and simulation reports. If you are worried that they will not be able to do your project, then you shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, if you still have a concern, then contact their customer service department and ask them if their writers are able to complete your project.


If you want the best essay that money can buy, you should try their platinum quality service. The prices for their best work range from between $26.99 to $60.99 per page. If you want a standard quality piece of work from the bestessay team, then it will cost you between $21.99 per page and $53.99 per page. Your price and your quote will really depend on how many pages you need, what quality level you desire, and the deadline you set for your project.




As always, we are happy with the quality of their work. They say they offer 100% satisfaction every time, and they have always delivered for us. They are a confidential service, and we found out the other day that even their correspondence with us is private. They are able to write a wide range of academic papers, which is great for students that have had their computers or laptops broken by malware or viruses. We love the fact that BestEssays charges less if you have a longer deadline, and we have never seen any discernable difference in quality with their short deadline content and longer deadline content.


They have a 24/7 support system that operates online. You simply click the chat function to bring it up on your web page. They also have toll-free phone numbers for students in the US. Their support team appears to be reasonably efficient, and we were not left on hold when we called their phone lines. All of their writers have English as their first language, but some of their support staff has a twang in their accent. That is not to say it means anything, since we were happy with the result, but it may be difficult for you to understand if you find stronger accents difficult to understand.


The is rather well designed. It is laid out in a way that allows a student to dig deeper and read more about the company, while at the same time offers a clear view of the ordering process. We always suggest you go to the prices page first to play with their quotation tool. The way the website is laid out means that navigation is very simple, and each link is both intuitive and easy to understand. Even novice Internet users will have no problem going through this website and making an order.

Our Final Opinion

We have read a fair amount about the so-called bestessays scam, but from what we can tell, it is mainly a piece of negative press from a series of writers that were misled into thinking they were writing for Best Essays when they were being conned by another writing company. The writers started posting negative things online, and the scam allegations were born. Our numerous experiences with have shown them to be nothing but honest and hard working. That is why our review gives this writing company a thumbs up and a strong recommendation that you should use them if you need writing services.




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