How to order

The most important thing you must first do is check our review website to see if the company is a good one. If it is not featured on our site, then either we haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet, or it is a poor quality service that we feel doesn’t deserve a place on our website.

Check to see if the writing service is able to complete your project, and give their customer service department a call or drop them a message if you are unsure they are able to complete your project.

Now you need to start hunting for a price. If they have a quotation tool, then by all means pick one from there. If the company insists that you wait, then get a quote from a few other writing services while you are waiting.

Once you have your quote and you are sure what you want, you may place your order on the order form. It is simply a case of entering a few details and then giving the writer all the information you can about your project. This may also include the notes they give you in class, reading lists, and even your own personal thoughts and notes.

Once your order is submitted, it is simply a case of waiting for it to be delivered. You are the one that chooses the deadline, so sit back and wait for it to arrive. Once it does, read it over and put your name to it.